5 Best hacks for Car cleaning at home.

We all love our car but when it comes to cleaning we prefer going to professionals ( which is always costly) or use these hacks which will help you clean your car yourself at home.


5 Best hacks for cleaning your car at home.

1) Use Makeup brush

You can use a makeup brush to clean A.C vents of the car. Doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, just make sure to clean it before you clean the A.C vent. You don’t wanna do extra cleaning because of that.

2) Using Tooth Paste

Yeah, you read that right ‘toothpaste’ You will be shocked to know that toothpaste is not only for cleaning your teeth but also it can be a used for cleaning glass surface.  You can use toothpaste to clean headlights of the car and remove minor scratches. Use toothpaste to clean all the grooves and bumps.

3) Keep wipers from smudging.

When done cleaning the windshield, you can use little alcohol to keep wipers from smudging your windshield. Just rub some alcohol on the wipers and your windshield will be smudge-free.

4) Use the Cereal box as a Trash can

A cereal box is very useful for making creative kinds of stuff. Place a Plastic Bag upon the cereal box and you can use it as a trash can. Very useful if you are planning for a Long drive.

5) Remove dirt using a magic eraser

Magic eraser is not only for use inside the home but it can be very useful for cleaning dirt and stubborn marks from dashboard and interiors of cars.




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