7 Basic Signs About your Car which gives you an Idea when your Car Need servicing!

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Don’t know when you have to service your Car? As you know some car problem seems small at first, ignoring these warnings may result in Big repairing Bill. Your car is probably the only source of medium to reach anywhere you want with the most comfort, but it’s likely that many motorists don’t have the basic knowledge about how or what problem could arise.

If you are among those motorists then this blog is for you!

It’s important to have your car inspected and serviced by a professional mechanic on a regular basis. Unaddressed issues can shorten your vehicle’s lifespan and compromise you and your vehicle safe.

Check for these warning signs that your car may need inspection or Repairs:

Squealing or grinding sound when your car is coming to stop.

This indicates your brake pads, rotors or calipers are on their last leg and need to be serviced as soon as possible.

Oil spot under your Car

Oil leakage can be dangerous to your car’s lifespan. Without proper lubrication from oil, your car’s performance is undermined and the engine can eventually lock up.

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Green Liquid leaking from your Engine

Radiator coolant, which helps maintain engine temperature. Your engine could overheat, which may result in a big repair bill if you have a coolant leak.

Slow starting

If you are getting the problem of slow starting means your Battery is dead or dying.

Excessive vibration while driving

You may need new Tires or you have to adjust your Car’s Tire Alignment if your Car is vibrating more than Normal.

The car is running unusually loud

This may be an indicator that you need a new muffler. A muffler is designed to significantly reduce the noise that your car engine produces.

Squealing noise when you start you start the car or Turn ON A/C

This could be the sign of a bad serpentine belt, essential components like power steering, water pump or alternator gets power with the help of a serpentine belt.

If your Car experience any of these issues, have it serviced at Automobile Service Station as soon as possible where you get a skilled, trained and professional technician to handle your Car.


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