7 Things to check after car service


we wish to have a view of life that everything’s hunky-dory and zip can fail , which remains so as only until the time we get betrayed at the hands of somebody in whom we trusted blindly. With exactly this type of attitude we fork over our cars for service. Next time you’re taking your car for service, here is that the list of things that you simply should check to avoid getting duped.

1. Work order / Job sheet
It’s a typical practise to organize employment sheet, no matter the station to which you give your car for service. The sheet acts as a way of communication between the mechanic and therefore the service advisor. While giving your car for service you’ll means certain faults that require to be taken care of, confirm that you simply check the car and sheet while taking the delivery just to make sure that everything has been attended to and therefore the said corrections has been done.

2. Itemised bill
An itemized bill is usually prepared after you get the car serviced. confirm to see that it carries the worth of the item as was approximately quoted to you by the service advisor. Keep an eye fixed open and see just in case of engine oil top-up, you’re not being charged for replacement. Human or machine error does happen. It’s better to be vigilant.

3. Engine oil / Transmission oil
The engine is that the heart of your car and for it to function properly, it needs engine car care also as filter change. an equivalent goes for transmission too, though it generally doesn’t have a filter. counting on once you are becoming the engine oil changed, observe the color before and after. New oil would be lighter in colour and clean.

4. Coolant / Brake fluid
It’s important that the engine coolant is modified after a couple of thousand kilometres since it loses its properties after sometime. And counting on the car manufacturer’s recommendation, you’ll got to replace / refill the brake fluid too. While there’s no way you’ll ascertain if this has been done or not unless you see it while it’s being done. It’s better to remain within the observation bay or take it to a station where you’ll actually see it happening.

5. Belongings / carpenter’s kit / Boot
Just to get on the safer side it’s advised that you simply remove the carpenter’s kit and other personal belongings out of the car before giving it for service. If it’s impossible you’ll ask the service advisor to say this on the work sheet to make sure that it doesn’t get misplaced while it’s being worked upon. Also, upon taking the delivery make sure that spare wheel and other accessories are intact.

6. Reserve
Service advisors mark the reserve on the work sheet to make sure that it’s not being misused. It’s common practise to see air con working during summers. to make sure that it’s not being misused by mechanics for relaxing, check the reserve upon delivery.

7. Odometer reading
It’s common practise to require for a brief test drive of about 2-3 kms after service just to make sure that the car is driving properly, is dynamically fine and there aren’t issues intrinsically an extended test drive could also be needed just in case the engine overhauling has been done or gasket etc. has been replaced etc. The reading would reveal if the car was misused behind your back.

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