Cars mileage tips and tricks

7 Tips to get Highest Mileage of your Car


Getting the Highest mileage for your vehicle is as difficult as controlling your wife. You Want but You Can’t!

First, you have to remember that your car mileage is totally dependent on fuel efficiency.

And fuel efficiency is defined by the following factors:

  • Average speed, gear in which Car Driven
  • In city condition with Start-Stop or zip in Highways
  • Wind, weather condition, Hill drive
  • Tyre pressure, Alignment, and balancing
  • Car loading- fully loaded or Solo drove
  • Driving Style – Some rest left a foot on the clutch, sudden Acceleration for high RPMs and then too many brakes – it all impact mileage.

Maintain Fuel efficiency of your Car with Standard & Pocket-friendly Car servicing and repairs.  That’s the reason why customers get the efficiency of 11Kmph in City Traffic conditions, and the same customer when driving it at a controlled speed of 80kmph in top gear on Highway and get 22 Kmph Mileage.

7 Tips to Maintain your Car Mileage are:

1) Acceleration

  • Drive smoothly and steadily between 45-55km/hr and try to maintain at a constant speed.

 2) Gear Shifting

  • Shift gears appropriately.
  • Shift highest possible gear without engine stalling or jerking.

3) Brake & Clutch Pedal

  • Avoid unnecessary and frequent beaking.
  • Do not use clutch pedal as a footrest.

4) Idling

  • Switch off the engine to avoid prolonged idling.

5) Fuel filling

  • Fill fuel from reputed fuel stations ensuring the correct quantity of fuel.
  • Fill fuel in the morning since fuel density varies proportionally with temperature.

6) Loading

  • Remove all unnecessary load from vehicle. Keep the Load less as much as possible.

7) Tyres

  • Always maintain the manufacturer recommended tyre pressure.

Hope you like this article. If you have any other tips and tricks which you would like to share pls do comment down below.




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